Dialer Buddy Dtmf Decoder and Telephone Line Analyzer

The Dialer Buddy is a great tool for any telecommunications technicians. The Dialer Buddy allows monitoring and analysis of dtmf and pulse digits in real-time as well as hook flash timing and ring cycles. The dialer buddy has a digit nonvolatile memory to store information about events that you can later scroll back through. The unit has two different modes of operation ANALYZE or Normal Mode. In Normal mode the Dialer Buddy can store up to 2000 digits in memory and in Analyze mode it can store up to 400 digits in memory. The Dialer Buddy has an internal speaker for monitoring the telephone line with adjustable volume level from keypad. You can also use it to generate a 1004 Hz finder tone. The output displayed on the lcd screen is also sent to the Dialer Buddy's external serial port for logging data to a computer. The Dialer Buddy is just a great overall tool for any auto dialer technician, alarm technician or anybody in the telecom field that needs to decode dtmf or pulse digits.

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Dialer Buddy Dtmf Decoder and Telephone Line Analyzer
  • Detect and display dtmf digits and on/off timing.
  • Detect and display pulse digits and break timing and interdigit.
  • Detect and display hook flash interval.
  • Detect CPC interval (zero voltage on phone line).
  • Detect ringing and on/off timing.
  • 2000 digit nonvolatile memory in normal mode.
  • 400-digit nonvolatile memory in analyze mode.
  • Send 1004 Hz tone.
  • Adjustable on and off hook voltage threshold.
  • Adjustable CPC detect sensitivity.
  • Auto shut off feature after 10 minutes of no use. (can be enabled or disabled)
  • 19200-baud serial output
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